Programming Pods and Accessories
Board Support Package
Includes both the Microcontroller BDM and FPGA JTAG Development Pods needed for programming and debugging the E-C2 system board. Works with CodeWarrior and Quartus Design Software. Both pods use USB connections to your computer

Model:  P&E Multilink USB and Terasic Blaster USB
Price:    $250

Microcontroller BDM Pod only (USB connection)
If you will not be using the FPGA, only a BDM pod is required for the microcontroller.  BDM (Background Debug Module) is the 9S12 microcontroller debugging system built in to the chip, allowing programming, memory writing and reading, single-stepping of code, and other debugging functions. Works with CodeWarrior Design Software.

Model:  P&E Multilink USB
Price:    $130

FPGA JTAG Pod only (USB connection)
If you will not be using the Microcontroller, only a JTAG pod is required for the FPGA.  A JTAG pod is required to programm your FPGA design from a computer running the Quartus software.  The JTAG pod performs the translation from your design to the bit stream required by the FPGA chip.  The pod is also used for debugging purposes, such as using the on-chip logic analyzer functions, where you can display digital waveforms of your logic design, similar to external logic analyzers.

Model:  Terasic Blaster USB
Price:    $120