Custom Systems
Embedded Boards

Customized system boards can be built and added to our product line, designed to alternate feature sets - including standalone microcontroller boards, standalone FPGA boards, I/O and converter boards, as well as hybrid MCU-FPGA systems.  Our custom systems allow for different options of Microcontrollers, FPGA's, I/O, connectors, and board size. Simply provide either a schematic diagram (can be hand drawn), detailed Bill of Materials with part numbers, board dimensions, and we can take your prototype circuit design and build your board.

Our manufacturing partners allow us to build customized products in small as well as large quantities.  HoustonMicro customized boards are built with the same high quality techniques as our standard product, including:

        *   Multi-Plane Controlled Impedance Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 
        *   High-speed termination strategies to maximize Signal Integrity
        *   Matched differential signal trace routing
        *   Power regulation Simulation & Analysis/Point of Load (POL) design
        *   An analysis of the customer’s specified connectors and devices for Signal Integrity
        *   General purpose MCU-to-FPGA interface and firmware (for hybrid systems)
        *   PCB electrical conductivity test and board functional test

Complete Embedded Systems

Fully integrated systems including chassis, power supplies with internal wiring and harnessing, cooling systems, and customized connectors can be manufactured based on specified microcontroller or FPGA circuit concepts.  We have built complete systems using both HoustonMicro as well as third party system boards.  Our customized systems provide ready to use deployable units that can be built to specification.

Please contact us for additional details.